Section I: Instruction

Last Updated: 9/16/2021 6:00 PM


Policy Title


Instructional Time – Schedule (6120)
IGBG Instruction of Temporarily Home-Bound Students (6173)
IGD Curriculum Review (6110)
IGE Objections to Course Material (6140.1)
IHAM Health Education and Exemption from Instruction (6183)
IHAM-R Health and Sex Education Exemption – Opt-Out-Form (6183.1)
IHBAA Determination of a Specific Learning Disability (6170.1)
IHBAB Special Education – Independent Educational Evaluation (6171)
IHBG Home School Student Access of Public Schools (1330.1)
IHBG-1 Home Education (6175)
IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities (6181)
IHBH-1 Educating Students with Chronic Infectious Diseases (6174)
IHBI Meeting Instructional Needs of Students (6177)
IHK Character and Citizenship Education (6182)
IJ Use of Media in the Classroom (6176)
IJO Strong Family & Community Partnership (also Policy KA)  (1131)
IJOA Field Trips (6179)
IJOC Volunteers (1221)
IK Progress Reporting and Marketing (5121)
IKB Homework (6178)
IKE Promotion (Non-Promotion) (5123)
ILD Non-Educational Surveys and Questionnaires (6184)
IMG Animals in the School (6162)
IMGA Service Animals (6161)